Project Description:

This project aims to infiltrate public spaces on campus with what might be termed “flash innovation.” Examples might include setting up interactive games for the university community to play and/or watch; teaching class sessions in residence halls to open up discussions to a wider community; and presenting Tina Cody’s Double-Take project in the LC Hearth Space or on the Academic Quad. The goal is to allow our entire community to see the different learning possibilities at Bucknell and to open up discussion about space needs and uses.

The photos above are from a BIG Space Infiltration that occurred on Tuesday February 14th with Steve Shooter and Seth Orsborn’s  IMPACT! class, which was held in the Hearth Space across from the Bison.  President John Bravman gave a guest lecture on creativity.

Tina Cody, founder of the “Doubletake” project, put on a show for the Late Night Series at 7th Street Café on Friday March 2nd.  After a long semester of researching the campus climate and being overwhelmed by the social scene on campus, Tina asked the audience to take part in a discussion of hopeful stories from students and staff at Bucknell. The venue was packed, and after Tina performed some of the hopeful stories she’s gathered from interviews on campus she opened up the mic for the audience to take part and tell their stories about what makes Bucknell special. Over twenty people spoke including current students, alum, a staff member and student visiting from another University.

Project Participants:

Mark Hutchinson, (Organizer) Theatre and Dance

Steve Shooter, Engineering

Ned Ladd, Physics and Astronomy

Heath Hansum, Theatre and Dance

Param S. Bedi, L&IT

Sue Ellen Henry, Education

Tina Cody, Student

Eve Carlson, Student