Project Description:

QR codes enable users to be directed to websites via the camera on one’s smartphone. Printing QR codes on adhesive would enable faculty and students to plant virtual worlds (websites; video/audio clips) all over the real world. Were QR codes to be placed on benches and outside classroom doors, users could access their information while waiting for “the main event” to occur. In effect, QR codes could be used to engage people during the many “interstitial” moments in the day. In addition, they could be hidden about the campus so that one might serendipitously stumble upon them.

Project Participants:

Paula Davis, Theater and Dance

Roger Rothman, Art and Art History

Mike Weaver, L&IT

Eric Kennedy, Biomedical Engineering

James Shields, Comparative Humanities

Matt Slater, Philosophy

Ned Ladd, Physics and Astronomy

Michelle Oswald, Civil and environmental Engineering