Sue Ellen Henry and Joe Meiser conducted this project in the spring of 2011, bringing together a multiculturalism in education course and drawing course. Education students wrote narratives throughout the semester to investigate and seek a better understanding of their own identities and social conditioning.  Through an exchange of anonymous narratives and unidentified photographs, the drawing students attempted to match up the authors of the narratives to the corresponding photographs. The two classes were brought together for a final meeting at the end of the semester, and as was expected, very few of the drawing students accurately chose their narrative’s author.  In fact, some of the students even mistook female authors for male, and vice versa. The discussion that followed at this final meeting illuminated the unreliability of preconceptions and reminded all of the participants of the importance of meeting each new person as an individual.

This collaboration was organized again in 2012, click here for more information about this second iteration of the project.