Profs. Steve Shooter and Seth Orsborn

And special guests from Art, Theater, Music, English, Education and More

Spring Semester 2011, Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 – 3:00

UNIV380, MGMT386, MECH480


Innovation is seeing from a different perspective.

Innovation is using a different tool to get the job done better.

Innovation is learning nature’s secrets and reapplying them.

Innovation is going where no one else has thought to travel.

Innovation is succeeding despite having to try and try again.

Innovation is IMPACT.


Do you find yourself struggling to resist the tendency to copy what others are doing and maybe, just maybe, changing it a little?  Are you tired of the status quo, the day-after-day repetition?  Are you sick of the same old ideas being pitched with only a different wrapping?  Do you find that breaking the mold is much harder than you thought it would be?  Do you feel the desire to break free but struggle against the roadblocks in your mind?  Are you looking to make a difference?


Join us this Spring semester as we explore innovation across many disciplines with guest lectures from Joe Meiser (Sculpture), Heath Hansum and Mark Hutchinson (Theater), Sue Ellen Henry (Education), Phil Haynes (Music), John Hunter (Comparative Humanities), Joe Tranquillo (Biomedical Engineering), David Evans (Psychology), among others. We will examine what makes something innovative from multiple perspectives. We will employ methods to transform a creative idea into a useful solution that makes an IMPACT.


Enrollment is limited to 16 students from different disciplines across Bucknell.  If this course sounds exciting to you:

–       Get a recommendation from a faculty member.

–       Write a one paragraph description of why you want to explore innovation.

–       Email them to Prof. Orsborn ( by October 26th.